Work Orders module in detail.

Coordinate work with your techs at the office or in the field.

Creating Work Orders

Create work orders directly from the project or the calendar

Create work orders directly from an invoice—which is especially helpful for service work, where you don’t need to go through the proposal to sales order process

Create persistent work orders which allow you to use the same work order for multiple days

Using Work Orders in the Field

Create work orders in the field—in real time

Deliver all or multiple parts at once from the work order

Indicate actual time it took to complete specific tasks

Call or email the customer from mobile work orders on iOS

View map and driving directions to the jobsite directly from iOS work orders

Track expenses incurred by technicians in the field.

  • Upload and save receipts for invoicing and employee reimbursement
  • Invoice the customer for these expenses, when appropriate
  • Set a default markup for expenses incurred in the field
  • Expenses will appear on the work order, project, and sales order for the job

Tracking Technician Hours and Location in the Field

Track the GPS location of your technicians while they’re on the clock and in the field

Techs can clock hours on a jobsite in multiple ways: enter a start and end time; enter a specific duration in minutes; add time in increments of 5 min, 15 min, 45 min, 1 hr

Require a “service performed” to be recorded on each clock-in entry

Link work orders to service projects which allows you to watch over a time period how much service work you’ve done for a particular client