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A single platform to help your business grow.

All the tools you need so you can confidently manage and organize your AV company.


No need to always jump between different softwares, iPoint is completely integrated with two-way QuickBooks sync. You can easily migrate your existing data so everything you need to start and complete a job is all in one place.

Easy to Use

Anyone will be able to use our system after a short training period, thanks to its simple (not simplistic) interface and intuitive features. Plus with our training materials at your fingertips plus live support, you'll never be left in the weeds.

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All the features in our software are designed to integrate with each other to offer a complete view of your workflow at any given time. Projects will flow seamlessly from start to finish.

How much is your chaos costing you?

Jobs not completed on time

Departments not communicating

Missed sales opportunities

Lost and aging inventory

Inaccurate invoicing

Technicians feeling lost

A single platform to help your business grow.

We're here to help bring order to your chaos


All the features in our software are designed to integrate with each other to offer a complete 360 view of your workflow at any given time. No more switching between softwares.


Personalized workflow processes and automation that keeps your business moving forward and your entire team in the loop.

Easy to Use

Anyone will be able to use our system after a short training period, thanks to its simple (not simplistic) interface and intuitive features.

Built for the audio video industry by industry experts.

We understand, with first-hand experience, the frustration of limited project management, confusing or complicated interfaces, and poor service/problem resolution that other industry-specific softwares provide.

Our software delivers a solution born from 30+ years working in the audio-video industry. With this understanding, we have created an end-to-end business management platform, so you can take control and confidently lead your team.

Turn leads in the CRM into customers faster with professional proposals and invoices.

Manage your supply chain from sales orders through inventory while keeping track of purchases, work orders and time clocks.

Gather effective metrics with reports and then offer better customer support with RMAs and stay connected through effective marketing.

Read how iPoint Yields 35% Boost in Employee Productivity

As many integrators scramble to find the magic formula to squeeze out single-digit increments of additional profit, the team at Stereo Planet in Bend, Ore., made a single decision less than 2 years ago that has boosted its employee output by a mind-blowing 35%.

On September 1, 2017, the integration company implemented iPoint’s turnkey software solution and the results have been no less than amazing.

The company just finished 2018 earning approximately $3.7 million in revenue with 13 employees. The last time Stereo Planet had revenues in that same range was pre-recession 2007, when it earned $3.7 million… but with 20 employees.

The 2018 results equate to nearly $285,000 in revenue per employee compared to $185,000 per employee 11 years ago (and that was back when equipment margins were much more substantial across the board).

“I attribute much of the improved employee productivity to the adoption of iPoint,” says Jonathan Houston, sales manager at Stereo Planet.

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“Things aren’t slipping through the cracks anymore because there is a set process in place.”

Jonathan Houston, Stereo Planet

iPoint Boosts Employee Confidence; Turns Around Jobs Quicker.

The longer you drag your feet, the longer it takes to get a job complete. That’s not to say that the 11 employees that make up the workforce at Hear No Evil were intentionally sluggish; they just didn’t have all the right tools to stay completely on track.

Coming from a retail background, the Salem, Ore. team had a solid handle on invoicing. Lacking was an efficient means of managing and flow of home installation projects as a growing part of Hear No Evil’s business.

“We had a good accounting and invoicing system,” says company president Chris Rasmussen.

“But for work orders and workflow we were relying on Excel and lots of paperwork—a strategy that was really slowing us down and affecting our profitability.”

Saving Time and Closing Deals

This all turned around when Hear No Evil implemented the iPoint platform about three years ago. Rasmussen says it has singlehandedly streamlined every part of its operations—from procuring equipment and drafting proposals to scheduling projects and managing workflow.

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“When we are able to break down jobs to this level of detail it’s surprising how close our quotes on labor are to our actual labor charges. It’s a safety net that helps us be more profitable."

Chris Rasmussen, Hear No Evil

BlueSpeed AV Improves Their Bottom Line by 38% with iPoint

Any custom integrator would relish the thought of boosting their bottom line by 38 percent. BlueSpeed AV in Tulsa, Okla., just did.

Indeed, sometimes software adoption can be hard to quantify for a custom integration company, but without hesitation, Jason Evans, operations and head programmer at BlueSpeed, says, “Using iPoint, we have increased our efficiency in terms of billable hours and time logged on the jobsite by 38 percent.”

The company adopted the iPoint end-to-end software solution about two years ago, and the results have been dramatic.

“We are completely engrossed in iPoint. Everything the software does, we use: invoicing, scheduling, sales orders, purchase orders, receiving, proposals, inventory, Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs), and work order and service tickets creation,” says Evans.

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“This software would be beneficial for even a two-man operation because it keeps you laser-focused on the end goal of being profitable and making money."

Jason Evans, BlueSpeed

iPoint Reaches into the Warehouse for Better Inventory Management

How many unused, jobless products are collecting dust in your warehouse? It’s a common inventory issue for many integrators. As projects progress, so do the products, often leaving you with a few unnecessary extras sitting on the warehouse shelves. And often, you don’t realize that you’ve over-ordered until project completion.

Worse yet, these “misfit” pieces run the risk of making it onto your clients’ bills. Even accidentally, charging customers for products that ultimately weren’t used is a bad business practice.

Like many integrators, Audio Video Concepts had dealt with its fair share of inventory issues.

“One of the biggest facets of running an integration business that tends to get overlooked is inventory,” says AVC co-founder and CEO Robert Burns.

“Knowing what’s been delivered, what’s been installed and what’s in stock can challenge even the most organized companies.” Since implementing the iPoint business management platform, however, AVC has dramatically reduced its inventory overhead.

“This portion of the iPoint system alone has helped our company become more profitable,” Burns continues.

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“It was a grass is greener scenario. I thought there was something better, but in the end discovered that iPoint really was and continues to be the best solution for our business.”​

Robert Burns, co-founder, AVC

Juggling is for clowns, not for integrators

We understand how difficult it can be to juggle everything that keeps your organization running.

With iPoint, you obtain more than just software. Our professionals will create a plan to deploy, integrate, migrate, test, and train your organization to experience the full potential of our platform.

Beyond customer service, our approach is to create a partnership with your audio-video business and provide ongoing support and maintenance for our application with lifetime upgrades and troubleshooting.

It’s time to accomplish more and juggle less.


iPoint is best of the cloud while keeping your data safe and secure in your possession. iPoint creates a private cloud for your company, meaning you keep control of your data at all times, while making it accessible from anywhere with internet.

iPoint has been created with your business in mind. By working with hundreds of companies we have created variants within iPoint to accommodate your business profile.

Absolutely! We focus on the Audio Video and technology sector due to its unique challenges, however, we can provide a comprehensive solution for almost any service-based company. Plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and more.

By following our guide, you'll be up and running in as little as two weeks.

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