The reporting module at a glance.

Generate detailed reports of individual or group data points in your workflow.

Reporting main features

Take advantage of a myriad of reports available for nearly every aspect of your business management/analysis. Report categories include:

  • Sales: sales order summary, profitability, and labor time reports, change orders reports, commission reports
  • Accounting: invoice summary, payment reports
  • Project Management: expense reports, task reports including the ability to see which tasks took longer than expected to complete
  • Inventory Control and Purchasing: purchase order line reports and purchase order summary, stock reports
  • Human Resources: track employee hours with time clock reports
  • Asset Management: asset/equipment tracking, vehicle mileage and service records
  • Labor/Work Order Tracking: work order labor commission, added parts, time onsite
  • Customer Relationship Management: customer notes report, payments received, customer activity goals

Create your own ad-hoc reporting package

Delivered to specific users on a set schedule (daily, weekly, monthly). Choose a timespan and get daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly overviews of many of your most important business metrics, such as:

  • New proposals
  • Sales order totals
  • Billed invoice amounts
  • Received purchase orders
  • Scheduled and completed work orders

Reporting Tasks