The proposals module at a glance

Supercharge your sales with a streamlined way to generate and follow up proposals.

Customize each proposal

Tailor the pricing and description information that appears on each proposal, such as the ability to hide unit price, accessories, labor lines, and locations, as well as show the project phase

Tailor the proposal package with templates including an auto-generated table of contents, custom group summary, picture book, scope of work statement, grand totals, etc.

  • Customize each proposal line
  • Create proposal templates
Create custom proposal in minimal time and effort.
Generate proposals faster by cloning them.

Cloned proposals to jump start your bid process

Especially useful for frequently used designs, such as for a builder who will be building multiple version of the same house

Advanced Proposal Features

Multiple Locations

Add a list of custom locations specific to the customer proposal.

Full cost & profits view

See your parts and labor costs and profit margin as you create each proposal

Provide better information

Add customer facing sales notes and technician notes that will show up on the work order, as well as upload photos to help direct technicians regarding installation

Flexible payments

Choose from multiple payment schedules and contracts.