The invoicing module at a glance.

Improve your cashflow generating invoices faster and from multiple workflow events.

Invoicing module main features

Create invoices from field work orders, resulting in improved cashflow

Experience completely integrated two-way QuickBooks sync. No incomplete data, no manual import, and no third party needed for additional support

Request items directly from an invoice

Create an invoice from items scanned with a bar code scanner

Use an invoice and its items to create projects or work orders with these items as tasks

Invoice for time and materials directly from a work order

Invoice from three different sections of iPoint

  • From a sales order (deposit invoices, progress payments, etc. for sold proposals)
  • From projects/work orders (time and materials invoices)
  • From the Accounting module (ad hoc or POS invoicing)

Use Request for Payment (RFP) billing

  • Create progressive requests for payment that are non-posting transactions
  • Automatically create invoices for goods and services delivered
  • Combine progress payments with delivery invoices to track actual revenue and costs in the period they were incurred