iPoint Modules

Client Relations Manager module at a glance

Record, track, search and organize all your contacts – clients, suppliers, partners – in one place.

Simplify managing contacts

A single place for all your customers, related contacts, jobs and deals.

Access all your customers sales records, service history and work history.

Unlimited jobs per customer

Customer jobs allow you to constrain each customer project into an isolates set of records for concise tracking of financials, time and history, within the combined customer records.

Create custom alerts per client

attach assignments

Keep important documents, files and images

Get alert updates automatically

Se alerts when selecting the customer anywhere in iPoint

Alerts when creating work orders

Provide special work order related instructions for technicians.

The proposals module at a glance

Supercharge your sales with a streamlined way to generate and follow up proposals.

Customize each proposal

Tailor the pricing and description information that appears on each proposal, such as the ability to hide unit price, accessories, labor lines, and locations, as well as show the project phase

Tailor the proposal package with templates including an auto-generated table of contents, custom group summary, picture book, scope of work statement, grand totals, etc.

  • Customize each proposal line
  • Create proposal templates
Create custom proposal in minimal time and effort.
Generate proposals faster by cloning them.

Cloned proposals to jump start your bid process

Especially useful for frequently used designs, such as for a builder who will be building multiple version of the same house

Advanced Proposal Features

Multiple Locations

Add a list of custom locations specific to the customer proposal.

Full cost & profits view

See your parts and labor costs and profit margin as you create each proposal

Provide better information

Add customer facing sales notes and technician notes that will show up on the work order, as well as upload photos to help direct technicians regarding installation

Flexible payments

Choose from multiple payment schedules and contracts.

Sales orders module at a glance

Simplify allocating products from your stock or to be purchased.

Better Sale Orders management

Allocate product from stock, submit a product request to the purchasing manager, or create a purchase order.

  • Stage product in bulk to save time
  • Allocate non-inventory items, such as wires and cables
  • See at a glance which of your parts have been ordered, staged, and delivered

Sale orders integration with other modules.

  • Create tasks from products
  • Create deposit invoices, invoices for progress billing, and other invoices for the sold sales order
  • Link multiple sales orders, which will allow you to do all of the product ordering, billing, and task creation from one sales order for efficient records keeping

Create and track change orders efficiently.

  • Change orders are nested into the original sales order
  • Each change order is individually tracked
  • Remove an item but keep the labor on the change order
  • Automatically include items added by your techs in the field
  • Bill change orders with standard line item billing or progressive billing

Inventory module at a glance.

Track your stock on-hand, on-order, staged and delivered inventory in real time.

Inventory module features

  • See your stock on-hand, on-order, staged, or delivered in real time
  • Access detailed inventory reports, including recent product requests
  • Simplify your bulk quantity ordering process with master packs: order in bulk and sell in individual
  • Set minimum and maximum inventory thresholds for specific inventory locations and for your overall in-stock count
  • Scan items with a bar code scanner to: receive items on a purchase order, add items to a work order, deliver items to the customer, and add items to an invoice.

Inventory Purchasing Manager

Inventory reorder lists

Purchasing module at a glance.

Create and manage purchase orders for one or multiple jobs.

Purchasing module main features

  • Create purchase orders from within the sales order or from the Purchase Request Manager (PRM)
  • Combine items for multiple jobs on a single purchase order
  • Scan item bar codes to receive products on a purchase order
  • Push multiple purchase order receipts to simplify your accounting processes when working with a vendor that sends multiple invoices/shipments

Creating a Purchase Order

Receiving Items in Purchase Orders

Projects module at a glance.

Set things in motion with tasks, parts, times and records for our jobs.

Project module main features

Projects is the parent directory for: tasks, parts, times, and supporting records for a job

Manage many tasks at one time

Track estimated vs. actual time to completion for each task

Create a list of subtasks for individual tasks; these required subtasks ensure that your technicians perform the task to company standards every time

Add media to a task; mock up photos with drawings and stencils to show technicians where products should be installed

Leverage real-time inventory control for parts associated with tasks

Create and schedule work orders from the projects module

Duplicate and link work orders, as well as auto-update linked work orders

Creating a Project

Work Orders module in detail.

Coordinate work with your techs at the office or in the field.

Creating Work Orders

Create work orders directly from the project or the calendar

Create work orders directly from an invoice—which is especially helpful for service work, where you don’t need to go through the proposal to sales order process

Create persistent work orders which allow you to use the same work order for multiple days

Using Work Orders in the Field

Create work orders in the field—in real time

Deliver all or multiple parts at once from the work order

Indicate actual time it took to complete specific tasks

Call or email the customer from mobile work orders on iOS

View map and driving directions to the jobsite directly from iOS work orders

Track expenses incurred by technicians in the field.

  • Upload and save receipts for invoicing and employee reimbursement
  • Invoice the customer for these expenses, when appropriate
  • Set a default markup for expenses incurred in the field
  • Expenses will appear on the work order, project, and sales order for the job

Tracking Technician Hours and Location in the Field

Track the GPS location of your technicians while they’re on the clock and in the field

Techs can clock hours on a jobsite in multiple ways: enter a start and end time; enter a specific duration in minutes; add time in increments of 5 min, 15 min, 45 min, 1 hr

Require a “service performed” to be recorded on each clock-in entry

Link work orders to service projects which allows you to watch over a time period how much service work you’ve done for a particular client

Assignment module in detail.

Create to-dos for yourself or your staff and track them in a calendar.

Assignment module main features.

Create personal to-dos for yourself

Delegate assignments to others from most iPoint modules

Keep track of your assignments on the calendar and on the iPoint dashboard

Collaborate with others on assignments

Add any number of followers to an assignment so stakeholders can track progress

Create reoccurring assignments

Add notes and attachments (photos or other media) to an assignment

Add a checklist to an assignment: a to-do list that must be completed before the assignment can be marked as complete

Receive progress notifications on assignments you’re following

Assignments created from WOs, invoices, sales orders, etc. are tied to those records

Creating a new assignment

Sorting and searching assignments

The Calendar module at a glance

Access all your time sensitive tasks, events and activities in smart calendars.

Calendar module main features

iPoint calendar is specifically built for resource scheduling—work orders are tightly integrated into calendar

Plan out projects using milestones; you can plot out phases like rough-in, install, and finish, etc.

Drag and drop events between technicians and days

Schedule and organize your team by groups such as techs, security, sales, electrical, etc.

Create work orders directly from the calendar

Work orders are color-coded on calendar by status or by technician

Click and drag to add events to a specific time/resource

Integrate iPoint calendar with Google calendar

The automobile module at a glance

Manage the vehicles in your fleet, from tracking mileage to keeping up with maintenance.

Detailed automobile tracking

Track detailed information about each vehicle in your fleet, including VIN, make, model, etc., as well as its in service mileage, and how often maintenance services should be done.

Record mileage for each trip

  • Create “Home,” “Office,” and other saved locations and choose from the locations for the day’s work orders
  • If choosing a work order location as your ending location, iPoint will prompt the technician to clock-in

More Autos module features

See your upcoming vehicle maintenance needs right at the bottom of your Autos screen, including oil change, tire rotation radiator, and transmission service

Record vehicle expense information; upload and save receipts for reimbursement

Record detailed vehicle maintenance information

The time clock module at a glance

Keep your staff working hours under control and organized to calculate precise salaries.

Time Clock Module Features

Track hours for hourly and salaried employees

Adjust employee clock-in and clock-out time as needed with administrator access

See at a glance how many hours each employee has worked for the week

Run time clock reports to keep records of employee hours

Keep track of employees approaching overtime for the week

See employee GPS location for clock-in and clock-out if they used an iOS device to log their hours

Time clock administrator features

The reporting module at a glance.

Generate detailed reports of individual or group data points in your workflow.

Reporting main features

Take advantage of a myriad of reports available for nearly every aspect of your business management/analysis. Report categories include:

  • Sales: sales order summary, profitability, and labor time reports, change orders reports, commission reports
  • Accounting: invoice summary, payment reports
  • Project Management: expense reports, task reports including the ability to see which tasks took longer than expected to complete
  • Inventory Control and Purchasing: purchase order line reports and purchase order summary, stock reports
  • Human Resources: track employee hours with time clock reports
  • Asset Management: asset/equipment tracking, vehicle mileage and service records
  • Labor/Work Order Tracking: work order labor commission, added parts, time onsite
  • Customer Relationship Management: customer notes report, payments received, customer activity goals

Create your own ad-hoc reporting package

Delivered to specific users on a set schedule (daily, weekly, monthly). Choose a timespan and get daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly overviews of many of your most important business metrics, such as:

  • New proposals
  • Sales order totals
  • Billed invoice amounts
  • Received purchase orders
  • Scheduled and completed work orders

Reporting Tasks

The invoicing module at a glance.

Improve your cashflow generating invoices faster and from multiple workflow events.

Invoicing module main features

Create invoices from field work orders, resulting in improved cashflow

Experience completely integrated two-way QuickBooks sync. No incomplete data, no manual import, and no third party needed for additional support

Request items directly from an invoice

Create an invoice from items scanned with a bar code scanner

Use an invoice and its items to create projects or work orders with these items as tasks

Invoice for time and materials directly from a work order

Invoice from three different sections of iPoint

  • From a sales order (deposit invoices, progress payments, etc. for sold proposals)
  • From projects/work orders (time and materials invoices)
  • From the Accounting module (ad hoc or POS invoicing)

Use Request for Payment (RFP) billing

  • Create progressive requests for payment that are non-posting transactions
  • Automatically create invoices for goods and services delivered
  • Combine progress payments with delivery invoices to track actual revenue and costs in the period they were incurred

The RMA ticketing module at a glance

Simplify processing returns with semi-automated workflows.

RMA Ticketing main features

Store shipping information and track shipping automatically

View and print detailed report logs for each RMA

View related client documentation (e.g. photos of the damaged product) and notes

View the work order from which the RMA was created (if applicable)

Create new invoices, work orders, and assignments from the RMA module

Creating RMAs

RMA Service

The marketing module at a glance

Engage with your clients with powerful marketing tools integrated with your CRM.

Marketing module main features

Send monthly newsletters and marketing campaigns

Choose from several prebuilt email template designs or build your own

Create your own newsletter templates using iPoint’s easy drag and drop email builder

Set an email campaign to send out on a specific day

Schedule an email campaign to send at regular intervals

Create fixed, dynamic, and semi-dynamic mailing lists for your newsletter campaigns

Automatically add customers to email lists based on triggers you set. For example, you could create a trigger that adds customers with newly sold sales orders to an email list used to send a welcome newsletter

Track overall email marketing analytics, as well as metrics for individual email campaigns, including opens, clicks, and bounces

Track invalid emails and users who have unsubscribed to keep your email lists up-to-date

A complete email marketing system